The Gold Coast in Five Days – 2/5

Before the start of every race, there’s buzzing adrenaline flowing through your body. Before you’re about to dive in to the pool for your competitive swimming carnival race, there’s a sudden urge that you need to pee. Before you present a speech to a VIP audience there’s a nervous agitation tingling the pores of your skin. As we line up for a rollercoaster at the speed of 160km there’s a combination of all the above.

The beep of my alarm goes off at 8am after a beautiful deep night’s sleep. Unfortunately it’s not enough to catch up on my hours of missed sleep over the previous weeks, but it is enough to energize me for the rest of the day. We spend the morning preparing lunches, packing our gear and eating lunch. At 8:45 we head down to the front of the lobby and hop into our arranged shuttle bus heading to Disney World.

The park doesn’t actually open until 10:00 as today is out-of-holiday season. This also means that once in the park a few other services aren’t available, or only available over limited hours.

After securing a locker, posing in front of themed sculptures and getting our bearings we get on our first ride. Pandemonium. The blood goes straight to our head and we turn, spin and fly on our Kung Fu Panda themed ride.











I could elaborate on the thrills of each and every ride we went on, the heart pounding lead-up to each ride, the explosion of agitation with a high pitched squeal and the complete elation as we walk away from each ride.

But I will only elaborate on our favourite ride. As we were lining up for one of the many rollercoaster rides at the beginning of the day, we hear a loud whoosh and strong release of wind coming from the tin shed behind us. After rolling along the tracks of the rollercoaster we were queuing for, we head around to explore the location of the noise. Walking up a few flight of stairs through a tin shed covered in “warning” signs and “caution” signs we reach the end of the relatively short queue. Honestly I thought we were lining up for the entrance of a horror house, right up to the point when we are actually sitting strapped in to the seats of the rollercoaster watching the spiraling red lights disappearing into the distance in front of us. Even then, I still thought we were on a rollercoaster track that would lead us through the horrors of a haunted house.

However, as the lights change from red to orange to green we are shot backwards at 160 kilometers an hour. We are shot backwards! Here I thought it would be a relaxing forward-facing ride through a maze of horror sights. I mean the most we knew once we were already on the queue was that it was called the “Tower of Terror”. But shooting backwards at 160km, we leave the tunnel we were travelling in and shoot up about three quarters of the way up the tower used for the giant drop, before falling straight down and back into the tunnel at the same speed. The tower for the Giant drop was at the other end of the theme park so I felt justified in believing that this ride would not be a thrilling or scary one.

But it added to the beauty of the ride and the thrill of the unexpected. We did this ride twice, coming back to it as our second last ride for the day.

Catching our shuttle bus back to our Q1 apartment at 4:50, 10 minutes before the park closes we reach home, with my throat exhausted from screaming and my head slightly throbbing from all the spinning and adrenaline. We put our pizza in the oven and relax in front of the TV.

Right now the twinkle of city lights are blinking back at me and the action of Iron Man 3 currently showing on TV blares at me and I sit comfortably into the soft brown couch. It’s been a good day.



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