The Gold Coast in Five Days – 3/5

Exhausted, sun burnt and almost voiceless, we are currently resting on our comfortable couches after our second day exploring the theme parks.

I can not believe the luck we had in choosing this week to escape Sydney. Watching the news last night and scanning my Facebook news feed, the storms raging through Sydney appear pretty ferocious. They’re calling it the “storms of the century”. We got wet today as well, but it was definitely stress free.

After taking a few photos and hiring a locker, we grab floaties, climb steps, slide down slides and repeat. Carry, climb, slide, repeat. All up there’s roughly 10 different slides in the park, but we end up spending half our time basking in the sun anyway.











White Water World doesn’t require a whole day adventure, especially since the queues were quite short. After two hours at the park we had already slid through the majority of the rides and lay in the sun eating out sandwiches and absorbing excessive Vitamin D.

At 2:00 we head next door and back over to Dream World. We’ve renounced our locker and so have to carry our bags with us through every ride. However, Dream World is practical in this sense. Each ride has a box to temporarily leave your bags and loose items while you fly through the air. You could easily survive a day without hiring a locker at Dream World.

We once again tumble around on ‘Pandemonium’, have a session on the ‘dodgem cars’, speed along the ‘Motorcoster’ ride and fly through ‘Tailspin’. We did plan to revisit our favourite ride ‘The Tower of Terror’, but when we arrive at the queue we are told it is temporarily closed. We end up getting distracted on our new favourite ride, Tailspin, so never get back to the Tower of Terror.

Tailspin is an interesting ride. It makes you think and I challenge you to do it. We end up on the ride three consecutive times. The challenge arises in the science behind making your individual plane spin 360 degrees as you fly through the air. Sitting in your individual aeroplane seat you need to tilt your own wings at a certain angle as it flies against the wind in order to make your seat spin around completely. First I manage to spin it around once or twice and end up flying upside down for a circuit. The second time Brenda manages to spin consecutively as the aeroplanes fly around their circuit. Our third time neither of us manage to spin at all. Trying to envision the spin and the wind path and the angle of the wings you could logically work out the technique. But we did need more time to get there, however, we were still pleased we managed to spin a little. According to the TV monitor playing while we waited in the queue, the record number of spins per ride was 123.

The park closed at 5:00 so we caught the shuttle bus back to the apartment. We walked down to the IGA and brought some yoghurt, dipping chocolate, frozen lasagne, frozen honey chicken and rice, more bananas and two minute chicken noodles. Boiling some noodles we once again settled down for some of ‘My Kitchen Rules’ and well-deserved relaxation.



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