The Gold Coast in Five Days – 5/5

17090_10204956455565163_5941233552417027881_n The Gold Coast in five days. It has finally come to an end.

We spent the morning relaxing, packing our bags, finishing the 2 minute noodles and wiping away the presence we had left behind in our home for the past four days.

We were able to leave our bags over at our check-in location across the river while we took the rest of the day to shop at Cavill Mall. We went back to buy a second selfie stick, (it proved it’s value over the past four days) and then made our way through the various shops along the street.

At 1:30 we met a high school friend who had moved to the Gold Coast to continue her studies. We arranged to met at an apparently famous café, Black Coffee Lyrics. The café was supposedly well liked by the local university students and it’s arty and creative atmosphere made it an interesting place to visit. The interior was relatively dim, but encouraged a more intimate setting. The food was mostly American food, which personally seemed like a plain contradiction with its eccentric decoration. However, I shouldn’t be deceived as my ‘Washington DC’ sandwich was delicious and Brenda’s ‘Brooklyn’ had an unexpected touch of spice.


Our check-in office closed at 4:00 so we had to pick up our bags by then. From there we decided to head straight to the airport.

From our lunch meeting we learnt that the best way to the airport was to hop on to the tram, depart at the last stop, Southbeach and then catch the 777 bus straight to the airport. I spent a massive total of $3.80 for the whole journey. Almost eight times cheaper than our first shuttle bus. Although honestly, we thought a ticket man would collect our money on the tram, but no one did, so we didn’t pay for the tram ride.

Since we checked-in early to the airport we were moved on to an earlier plane. We flew out of the Gold Coast 7:00 pm that night.




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