Science, Art and Good Food

Sirius is the brightest star in earth night’s sky.
Alpha centaurus is the closest star to our sun.
The sun generates energy by fusing hydrogen nuclei into helium.
There are more than 88 constellations in our night sky.
Orion’s belt …

The facts about our universe are limitless. Today we learnt a snippet of information on what’s been discovered about the universe. But first our morning starts when we wake up to the shining sun…

Four and a half stars from zomato and tripadvisor, a half an hour wait in a queue and a pleasant stroll through the one of many thriving hospitality districts – Hardware Street, brings us to the friendly, colourful staff at the entrance of Hardware Societe waiting to take down our name.

We had arrived at about 11 to see the hovering queue outside the cafe. No matter what time you arrive there is going to be a queue as the flavours, atmosphere and cuisine creates a positive preceding reputation that has clearly travelled as far as interstate.
I ordered the Deux Baked Eggs dish, which cleverly mixed the cheese, chorizo, potato and almonds to create a smooth and rich latin inspired flavour. (Although, my critique on food should not be highly valued as I seriously love everything edible and would really eat and say anything taste good.) With Judy our vegetarian, ordering a meal was a little more difficult as most meals needed to be altered, but the waiters were happy to comply.


Our major plan for the day was on Tina’s request – the Science Museum. This place was a quirky source of interactive equipment, futuristic developments and ambitions, insightful facts, fantastical replicas (such as the Alice in Wonderland section), categorised arenas full of specific information on space, sport, health etc and an overall enjoyable place to spend your time.

We arrived by train to Spotswood station, a suburb with scientific traces of planet monuments and long very straight streets. Once at the museum, 10 minutes from the station, we brought $6 tickets to the Planetarium show at 2:30. We entered a domed room and relaxed into reclining chairs to observe the screened show projected onto the roof above us. The half an hour show gave us a simplified lesson on the workings of space. The language, the atmosphere and the progression of the provided information was presented well enough to inspire us to be aspiring astronomers – well at least for the remainder of the day, and was the source that taught me the facts I mentioned earlier.


After staying another hour or so we head back to Flinders Street Station and explore the streets of central Melbourne. We start at Dangerfield where I buy a pair of sunglasses and the sales girl gives us a city map and advises us on a nice rooftop bar to stop by later that night. We then explore the renowned graffiti lanes scattered throughout the CBD.

Contemporary arts aspires to speak to its audience in challenging and diverse ways. So walking through the varying lanes running between Flinders Lane and Collins Street, such as Hosier Lane, we are exposed to outlandish images, idiosyncratic quotes, indigenous reminders, cartoon replicas and general graffiti talent that lead us to pose in pictures such as:

IMG_8020 IMG_7992 IMG_8012 IMG_8007

IMG_0172IMG_0213 (1)

As the sun goes down and we are no longer exposed to the high temperatures of the photosphere radiating sunlight, we search out Rooftop Bar, the bar the sales girl of Dangerfield previously recommended to us. She highlighted it on a map, but finding it was a little more difficult, I guess considering we were searching from ground level. After the help of a local we discover it on the top of Curtin Building. We decide to first stop for dinner at Judy’s request, Gong de Lin, Vegetarian Cuisine, in the building next to us.

We end our night with a cocktail, the city views and a chatter filled environment on Rooftop Bar.


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