The best parts of the Machu Picchu hike that no one ever really mentions (Inka Jungle Trek)

“It’s all about the journey.”

This quote can not be more true. The way the Inka Jungle Trek was designed made reaching Machu Picchu even more magical. The trek was seriously one of a kind. Each day presented a new challenge, a new accomplishment and a unique memory. Maybe what made it so great was the fact that I really didn’t know what to expect. We booked through the hostel and all they told us was pack enough for four days and someone will pick you up early in the morning. Obviously I had researched a little into what the Inka Jungle trek entailed, but I didn’t read into too much detail. But I know for sure that what made it one of a kind was sharing this experience with such an amazing and diverse group of people.

Over the trip I took the best five memories of the day from myself and Dee since it was honestly the little details that made it the most memorable. There’s so much more than these simple five facts, but that would make this post just too long.

Day 1

  • Biking riding through the clouds. The clouds were seriously just an arms reach above me.
  • Water bombed by children when we were riding our bikes, when we were in the tour car and when we were walking around the streets in the night of our first town. (February is the month of Carnaval and throwing water bombs at passersby is a Peruvian tradition.)
  • Walking around a tree and holding a child’s hand in the first town we stopped in. (Also a tradition of the Carnaval month.)
  • Organising team work as we white water rafted down the Sacred River.
  • Struggling to maintain my position on the rough rafting boat.

Diana what were your top five best memories from today?

  1. “Pulling you into the raft when you fell out.”
  2. “Biking down the hill.”
  3. “Watching you get washed down with water on the bike from the Peruvian kids.”
  4. “Practicing new languages together when we were covered in alien gear.” (Bike riding protective gear and water water rafting life jackets.)
  5. “Holding the lady’s hand while dancing in a circle. She didn’t want to let go.”


Day 2

  • Taking a tequila shot with the whole tour group.
  • Trying “Inka Candy” with the tour group at the same time when we finally stopped for an extended break up the steep incline.
  • Walking on such a varied terrain. One minute on rocks, the next on sand and the next minute we couldn’t even see the person in front of us through all the grass.
  • Passing by a million variety of fruits and being able to try a few.
  • Walking uphill for up to two hours was intense but reaching new physical limits was so satisfying.

Diana what were your top five best memories from today?

  1. “Breakfast.”
  2. “Having a monkey on my shoulder.”
  3. “Watching you get dressed.” …. “As in the skirt.” …. “The traditional skirt.”
  4. “Bathing in thermal waters.”
  5. “Watching the scenic views.”





Day 3

  • Zip-lining in the spiderman position and feeling like I’m swimming through the clouds.
  • Talking with our guide about life, Quechua, work, carnival etc. all the while competing with who can balance on the train rails for longer.
  • Balancing on the train rails with Diana and using each other for support.
  • Singing ‘I would walk 1000 miles and I would walk….’ to keep up the motivation.
  • Reaching the end of the scariest most rickety bridge of my life. Maybe because I was first increased the pressure for me to go faster, but I found walking over the bridge scarier than flying through the air on a zip-line, physically sweating and almost shaking by the end of it.
  • Having the last dinner with everyone and exchanging details.

Diana what were your top five best memories from today?

  1. “Looking at the rainforest upside down.” (During the zip-lining activity.)
  2. “Walking on the bridge.”
  3. “Driving past the mountains.”
  4. “Walking on the train tracks.”
  5. “Racing you to Agua Calientes and winning.” (I still own Diana the winner’s massage.)




Day 4

  • Climbing up the stairs towards Machu Picchu and developing a steady rhythm as to not feel the need to stop.
  • Patting the black dog while waiting for the Machu Picchu bridge gates to open at 4:30 am.
  • Lying on the grass and drawing the vision of Machu Picchu below.
  • Choosing the Spanish tour over the English one with our tour guide David.
  • Surviving the trip with the blisters, dirt and good memories.

Diana what were your top five best memories from today?

  1. “Waking up at 4:00 am and walking in the pitch black.”
  2. “Climbing up the mountain to Machu Picchu.”
  3. “Machu Picchu.”
  4. “Chasky.” (A fact we learnt on the mountain about the Incan messager who could run fast.)
  5. “The feeling of going home after Machu Picchu to see my family.”



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