The most beautiful place I have seen thus far..

For once I don’t think words are going to be my main means of expression. There really aren’t many ways to simply say it was beautiful.

I travelled down to the south of Chile in the middle of my university semester, at the end of April. With a group of six other exchange students, four Australians and two Mexicans, we embarked on the W trek through Parque Nacional Torres del Paine, just as the visiting season was almost over. It was autumn, it was cold and it was going to get colder.

However, autumn is beautiful: snow fell from the sky, red, green and gold leaves collated on the ground, the sun glistened off the early-morning frost, the mountains reflected off the clear surface of the numerous lakes… I could really keep going, but I think this post is best if you just saw it. Photos definitely don’t give it justice, but it’s some sort of snippet of the beautiful reality.

So here goes…

Día Número Uno de Refugio Los Torres a Torres Campsite:

IMG_0787IMG_0798IMG_0803 IMG_0809 IMG_0805

Día Número Dos de Torres Campsite a Refugio Cuernos y a los Torres en la amanecer:

IMG_0832IMG_0854IMG_0868 IMG_0871 IMG_0886 IMG_0887 IMG_0892 IMG_0894

Día Número Tres de Refugio Cuernos a Italiano campsite y a la Valle Francés:

IMG_0899 IMG_0902 IMG_0911 IMG_0953 IMG_0945 IMG_0941 IMG_0920


Día Número cuatro de Italiano Campsite a Refugio Grey:

IMG_0985 IMG_0990 IMG_0993 IMG_0996 IMG_1003

Día Número cinco exploración después de Refugio Grey:

IMG_1012 IMG_1017 IMG_1022 IMG_1055 IMG_1061


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