Punta del Este

Punta del Este is the Surfers Paradise for Australians, the Majorca Islands for the Germans (as Hannah informed me), the Cancun for the Mexicans, the Mar de Plata for the Argentinians… hopefully you get the point. It’s the national coastal holiday destination.

Hannah and I take the two hour bus from Montevideo to Punta del Este and arrive at the tranquil seaside city. Let me clarify, in season, it’s a prime holiday destination, but in the middle of winter it’s quiet.

After taking a tourist shot by the icon of the city, “The Hand” (which I might add was designed by a Chileno), we decide to head out on a boat to Isla Gorriti.

img_1468 img_1481 img_1515

Due to the fact that it was off peak season, finding a boat to take us to the island was difficult and once there, we had little time to enjoy its tranquility. A grand total of one family live on the island so Hannah and I really were left to ourselves. We ate our packed lunch of cheese and bread, searched for shells and walked through the tall trees and soft grass.

Before long we’re back on the main island, reading through my Lonely Planet book and watching the sunset. Living a holiday and planning the next one, life really can’t get much better.




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