The Legends Of Chiloe

Once upon a time, thousands of years ago, a monstrous serpent, the God of Water Coi Coi Vilu, roamed the waters in the south of Chile. As it cruised through the Pacific Ocean it drowned the land just south of Puerto Montt, submerging all flora and fauna. With animosity, Ten Ten Vilu, God of Earth and Fertility lashed out and elevated the land, protecting it from destruction. The battle lasted a long time, with Ten Ten Vilu reaching victory. However, the land remained detached from the mainland and became known today as Chiloe.

So that’s the Mapuche myth of the island, which still lives on today through a variety of mythical creatures. The water spirit Pincoya is a good, beautiful and humanitarian spirit who regulates the availability of fish for those on Chile and the Trauco lives in the woods and attracts young and middle-aged women, which are two of the many mythical creatures we saw in the Plaza of Ancud. 15205549_10154676112118070_1412487551_o 15310767_10154676113793070_1983934273_o

But apart from myths and legends, we saw what the island actually had to offer. It started when we hired two cars at Puerto Montt and caught the car ferry over to the island.

I’m going to keep this short and simple since I think the video covers most of what we did. We saw a whole heap of churches, ate curanto (the typical seafood of the south), walked along the beach, explored the national parks of Chiloe and spotted penguins which can all be seen below.


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