What is corruption?

In no way at all do I want to paint a bad image of this beautiful country. I have numerous posts on Mexico’s beauty from Monterrey to Chiapas to Cancun to the Capital City itself.

But corruption is a thing, and a I have personal story to share about it.

Firstly, what is corruption? Usually it’s fuelled by greed and desire. And the way society tends to calculate wealth is based on money. So bribing is it’s main sustenance.

The dictionary defines corruption as: dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery.

This i’ve heard of and I think I understand, but as an insignificant political player and uninvolved member of drug trafficking, how would this affect me?

One ongoing concern in Mexico today is its powerful drug lords – one of the biggest lords currently being El Chapo Guzman, leader of the Sinoloa Cartel (although, now currently in New York gaol). Where drugs come, so does corruption. As a Breitbart articles states from last month: “A cornerstone of his strategy was the corruption of officials at every level of local, municipal, state, federal and foreign government who were paid cash bribes to ensure that he and the Sinaloa Cartel were free to bring in tonnage quantities of cocaine from South America and move it freely to the United States.”

So that’s how El Chapo does it. But how do I or my friends enter the picture?

So my story begins on a night in Hermosillo. Mid week between Christmas and New Years, we’re all at a friends house. There’s a few beers had, some delicious meat eaten, banter held, stories shed, you get the picture. It gets late, we’re out of food so we car pool to a local taco eatery. Yes we had a bit to drink, but it was kept to a very minimum, so it seemed safe to drive. Separating off into cars, Machi and I arrive first to the now closed Taco eatery. Quickly messaging the others we arrange to meet at another location. Once again, we’re first to pull in. Not really sure what’s taking everyone else so long. Five mins later, Mel rocks up in another car with an interesting story to tell us. 

“We were just driving along when a policeman pulls us over. Seriously he wasn’t even driving fast. I guess it was like a RBT. The policeman asks our driver to simply breathe into his hands.”
“You’ve been drinking right?” The policeman asks.
“Yes, a little.”
“He’s asked to get out of the car and they stand discussing an issue behind us. I can’t hear much. But he returns to the car and between us we fork what we had on us, to pay about  $14 to the policeman to let us off the hook.” Mel explains.
“And that was it?” I confirm. “No license points deducted, no legal form with a fine?”
“Nope, that’s it.”

And now you might think, why do you even consider this a story? It’s just a small occurrence on a regular day. But it showed me how the effects of one in power with the desire for more, can effect anyone at all. It’s a cycle right down to the ordinary citizen.

Someone with money needs a favour from someone without money. They’ll do the (dirty) deed and get money.  It’s easy cash money and no questions asked.



2 thoughts on “What is corruption?

  1. I have heard of these stories of corrupt policemen. One has to be very careful. You were lucky it was only $14. It could have been much more money that the policeman demanded.

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