It’s relatively close, cheap, cultured and full of promising adventure. Living in Australia makes Asia one of the more affordable continents. While many asians live in Australia, travelling across the various countries in Asia still presents a very different culture to the one I’m brought up within my hometown.

There are many volunteer and work experience options between Australia and Asia. Also, about 60 per cent of my friends have Asian heritage and so travelling to this continent couldn’t be easier.

Within Asia I have previously travelled to China, Vietnam, Malaysia and India. Since I only began blogging more recently, for the time being you can read my adventures in:



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Settling In: Life’s A Smoothie, With A Side Of Pad Thai, Tom Yum And More

There’s food everywhere! You can’t walk 5 meters without spotting another place to eat! It’s been almost three weeks since I arrived to Bangkok and for one, I can tell you I haven’t gone hungry.

More importantly, I haven’t dehydrated either. You’d think us Aussies would be well equipped to heat, but 33 degrees with high humidity is another ball game. Fortunately, where there’s food, there’s smoothies! And I’m talking about $2 smoothies of any fruit imaginable. I’m already a member of a local smoothie shop outside my apartment and I’m halfway through my stamp collection to receiving a free one. #savingthebigbucks

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