Bondi to Coogee Walk Vs. Cronulla Beach Walk

Mum: “We’re lost aren’t we?”
Dad: “No. I’m just in unfamiliar territory.”

Only seven day apart and I have gone to two separate beach locations, 32 kilometres away from each other. That makes it a personal record! Sometimes I’m lucky to get to a beach once in a year.

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A hike along Wentworth Falls


I have never let myself enjoy the true wonders of hiking. I’ve never experienced that adrenaline rush, the scenery, the wildlife, the sweat and that final exhaustive breath of accomplishment when the trail is complete. Well that was before my hike along the track of Wentworth falls. I don’t understand my own time management sometimes. The Blue Mountains is a simple hour and a bit drive from my area, or perhaps a more tedious two hour train ride, but it’s Australia and Australia at its most natural.

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