The Gold Coast in Five Days – 5/5

17090_10204956455565163_5941233552417027881_n The Gold Coast in five days. It has finally come to an end.

We spent the morning relaxing, packing our bags, finishing the 2 minute noodles and wiping away the presence we had left behind in our home for the past four days.

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The Gold Coast in Five Days – 3/5

Exhausted, sun burnt and almost voiceless, we are currently resting on our comfortable couches after our second day exploring the theme parks.

I can not believe the luck we had in choosing this week to escape Sydney. Watching the news last night and scanning my Facebook news feed, the storms raging through Sydney appear pretty ferocious. They’re calling it the “storms of the century”. We got wet today as well, but it was definitely stress free.

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The Gold Coast in Five Days – 2/5

Before the start of every race, there’s buzzing adrenaline flowing through your body. Before you’re about to dive in to the pool for your competitive swimming carnival race, there’s a sudden urge that you need to pee. Before you present a speech to a VIP audience there’s a nervous agitation tingling the pores of your skin. As we line up for a rollercoaster at the speed of 160km there’s a combination of all the above.

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The Gold Coast in Five Days – 1/5

The trawling slumber of vehicles banked along the lead up to the M5 tunnel and instigated the panic of our exciting day. A 6:00 am start, a last minute rush around the house and a packing of my Hampi bag landed me in the middle of traffic 45 minutes before our flight was due to depart.

One working week away from the hustle and bustle of the big city of Sydney. One week away from the unnecessary stress of work. One week away from anyone except Brenda.

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