My Indian home, Meenakunte

The reason for my exotic holiday, 40K Globe.

After two weeks exploring the natural wonders of Kerala in Southern India and the man-made monuments of Rajasthan in the north, it was time to settle down and call a place home for the next month.


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Cruising through Alleppuzha

10961750_10206015594655274_660143055_n I can hear the lapping of water, a guitar playing an Indian tune, a male hindi voice singing along on a CD and the chattering of voices as my Indian travel family share stories. Lying on my stomach on a soft cushion, a gentle breeze brushes my face as it flows in through the gaps of the wooden railing and a line of palm trees and timber boats pass by in my line of vision.  I wish I could close my eyes and flashback to moments like this during stressful moments later this year. Continue reading


Green palm trees, women walking comfortably, friendly smiles and warm sun-rays glisten off the vegetation lining the road. Welcome to Southern India.

After a night spent in Bangalore we organise a semi-sleeper night bus to Kochi. Surprisingly quite comfortable and sleep suitable, we drive into the town at 6 in the morning.

After catching our first public bus, a 7 rupee ferry ride and a 20 minute walk we check in to Four Seasons hotel, nestled within the petite streets on the island of Fort Kochi.

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Peaceful Pushkar

At the beginning of the world a lone dog was sauntering across the plains of earth. After an unknown amount of time the dog knew that it was hungry and needed food to eat to satisfy his pain. It also knew that it was in need of company. With this knowledge the dog was able to communicate with God, Brahma, the Hindu God of creation. Brahma realised the problem and created man in order to prosper over the earth and live in cooperation with other beings.

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Groups of tents form across the side of the road, located in front of three story concrete apartment buildings and next to rubbish piles. Small wafts of smoke spiral in to the air, leading up to large billboards advertising fine living, as groups of people cluster around a small fire for warmth below. Driving into Jaipur is the first time I can blatantly witness the distinct ends of the poverty spectrum. In the dark of the night, this moment soon passes as we enter the busier streets of the Jaipur centre but this contrasting images remains with me.

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Attestations of affection and authority in Agra


The title says it all. In all aspects. Both the title of this blog entry sums the purpose of Agra, while the title many of the historical emperors held in India sums the significance of their actions. Agra holds a clear exhibition of the old capital city of India that kept this title until Shah Jahan formally changed the capital to New Delhi in 1638. Home to the renowned Taj Mahal, the Agra Fort and many of the Moghuls throughout the centuries, this historical town was worth a stop over for the night.

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Delving into Delhi

A cow meanders down the road, a trill of horns beep, a three-wheeled autorickshaw trundles past with four more following in its wake while a motorbike scraps between them. Dirt floats above the ground as the constant movement of vehicles rustles it from its resting place and as the morning fog clears, the men come out for business.

Yep this is the hustle and bustle of a city of 11 million people, the capital of the most populous democracy in the world and the home to a rich culture prospering from its stark simplicity. Welcome to New Delhi.

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