Is Mexico Really A Third World Country?

According to One World Nations, it is. According to the Human Development Index it has a ranking of High Human Development, therefore it’s not. So what’s the problem?  Continue reading


How To Visit Cancun On A Budget

First of all – go with money. It’s Cancun! What are you doing there without money?

Technically I’ve been budgeting the whole year: staying in hostels, buying food to cook in the hostel kitchen, taking advantage of my friend’s house, busing around, catching an uber, even hitchhiking a bit. But Cancun is not really your “cultural” experience. Cancun is your holiday get-away. So that’s how it should be spent.

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Where to find the best of the best – silver, tequila and leather.

Apart from being rich in history, both ancientmodern and artistic, Mexico is rich in produce. In the month and a half I was in Mexico I visited about 13 different cities, so I managed to pass through a few towns boasting their speciality.

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The inspirational Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo is definitely an inspiration. In fact I based a whole assignment on her in my first semester at la Universidad Católica de la Santísima de Concepcion. So this post is going to be in Spanglish since I’m going to directly copy parts of that assignment. Either way you should get the main point – she’s an inspiration.

So while I was in the middle of her birth country, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to pay her house a visit.

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Stumbling into festivities – Chiapas.

Some of the best things happen when you just stumble into them -which is exactly what happened in Chiapas de Corzo.

Have you ever heard of the Fiesta de Enero en Chiapas de Corzo? Yeh I hadn’t either, and neither had my friends from Monterrey, Mexico. But there we were, in the middle of it.

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What I learnt from living with Mexicans

Even though I spent close to one year in Chile, I spent a lot of my time with Mexicans. In fact in the second semester I lived with three from Hermosillo.

Living with them taught me a few things about their culture. And I’m talking about real things- not just the fact they don’t ride donkeys down the street, that they have their own Mexican Spanish and that they eat tacos.

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