Punta del Este

Punta del Este is the Surfers Paradise for Australians, the Majorca Islands for the Germans (as Hannah informed me), the Cancun for the Mexicans, the Mar de Plata for the Argentinians… hopefully you get the point. It’s the national coastal holiday destination.

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Getting to Uruguay via Tigre

“Where are you off to next?” Asks the street vendor in the midst of Independence Day celebrations.
“You know what you should do… catch a cheap train to Tigre, hope in a boat, explore the islands and arrive in Uruguay cheaper.”
So that’s what we did. And now I’m sitting on a bus in Uruguay heading towards its capital, Montevideo.

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San Luis and the Beauty of Hitchhiking

It’s free. It’s social. It’s educational. It’s eye-opening. It’s cultural. I could just keep going, but then this post might turn into: worthwhile reasons to hitchhike. However, I’m also here to talk about the tranquil town of San Luis.

I met six people on the long roads going in and out of the town and fell in love with the place. The ambient was enjoyable, the atmosphere was peaceful and the thrill of hitchhiking made San Luis a worthwhile spontaneous decision.

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Some places just don’t motivate me to write. And this time Mendoza is one of them. Perhaps it is the weather or my choice of activities or the timing of the trip to Mendoza. I think I’m going to blame the timing of the journey since I’ve just said farewell to people I shared a special bond with during my exchange experience and may never see again. But I don’t want to let the timing of life destroy the potential beauty of Mendoza. So Marvellous Mendoza….

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