A Critique Of Peruvian Cuisine

Whatever weight I lost on the Machu Picchu trek I gained back in my week in Lima. Food. There is so much savouring connotation to this one word. Peru specifically has been regularly recognised as a “leading contender for several prestigious” gastronomical awards. There is such diversity in Peruvian cuisine and the fact that I was staying with Dee’s family added that one-of-a-kind home-made taste. We managed to have a different Peruvian specialty every day, with Ceviche thrown in more than once.

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What is Asia, Lima?

I just don’t understand this place at all. I spent a whole 24 hours there and there’s still more questions than answers.

Where did the people come from? Why do they have such good skin? Why are they smoking so much? Why does this place exist? Why do the locals even want to work there? Why did the sun burn me so much? Why do so many university students head out there? Why do their parents even let them? Why does such a secluded bubble exist? If these people are studious why acknowledge this superficial reality…

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Facts about Machu Picchu

Honestly before today I didn’t really know why there was such a hype over Machu Picchu. Once I arrived in Cusco there were so many other places with Incan ruins. While I was climbing the stairs towards Machu Picchu, for 40 minutes at the crack of dawn, I didn’t quite know what I was about to learn…

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The best parts of the Machu Picchu hike that no one ever really mentions (Inka Jungle Trek)

“It’s all about the journey.”

This quote can not be more true. The way the Inka Jungle Trek was designed made reaching Machu Picchu even more magical. The trek was seriously one of a kind. Each day presented a new challenge, a new accomplishment and a unique memory. Maybe what made it so great was the fact that I really didn’t know what to expect. We booked through the hostel and all they told us was pack enough for four days and someone will pick you up early in the morning. Obviously I had researched a little into what the Inka Jungle trek entailed, but I didn’t read into too much detail. But I know for sure that what made it one of a kind was sharing this experience with such an amazing and diverse group of people.

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