A Critique Of Thai Cuisine

“Pad Thai is only popular with the foreigners,” said Pia, my Thai classmate. “I would rather eat something else.”

For some reason the renowned Pad Thai noodle dish has become the emblem of Thai cuisine… outside Thailand. Yet like Pia has suggested, there’s so many other dishes to try.

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Settling In: Life’s A Smoothie, With A Side Of Pad Thai, Tom Yum And More

There’s food everywhere! You can’t walk 5 meters without spotting another place to eat! It’s been almost three weeks since I arrived to Bangkok and for one, I can tell you I haven’t gone hungry.

More importantly, I haven’t dehydrated either. You’d think us Aussies would be well equipped to heat, but 33 degrees with high humidity is another ball game. Fortunately, where there’s food, there’s smoothies! And I’m talking about $2 smoothies of any fruit imaginable. I’m already a member of a local smoothie shop outside my apartment and I’m halfway through my stamp collection to receiving a free one. #savingthebigbucks

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The Biggest Festival .. You Never Knew About. Happy Songkran!

Happy New Year … In April? Sounds like someone’s a little late to the party.

But I guess in Thailand it’s never too late to party. And by party, I mean close down the WHOLE country and party, not just for one day, but for three. Until about a week ago I had never heard about Songkran (Thai New Year) in my life, but it’s so big, it brings an entire nation to a stop!

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