The Significance Of Graffiti Art, Valparaiso

dictator |ˈdikˌtātər|
a ruler with total power over a country, typically one who has obtained power by force.

In 1973, Augusto Pinochet with the Chilean Armed Forces and the secret aid of the CIA, stormed into the Parliamentary Palace, La Moneda in Santiago, and overthrew President Allende. This Dictator maintained power until 1990, instigating 17 years of torture (as many as 30,000 people) and implementing economic liberalisation.

Disturbing right? But where does Valparaiso fit into this picture? And what has this got to do with graffiti?

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The Legends Of Chiloe

Once upon a time, thousands of years ago, a monstrous serpent, the God of Water Coi Coi Vilu, roamed the waters in the south of Chile. As it cruised through the Pacific Ocean it drowned the land just south of Puerto Montt, submerging all flora and fauna. With animosity, Ten Ten Vilu, God of Earth and Fertility lashed out and elevated the land, protecting it from destruction. The battle lasted a long time, with Ten Ten Vilu reaching victory. However, the land remained detached from the mainland and became known today as Chiloe.

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