Hey amigos! JS here! As you may have seen, I love exploring, I love travelling and I love seeing the world from new angles. I’m young, I’ve got the energy, so why not?

You know that question we’re all asked from when we’re 5 until we’re 18, ‘what do you want to do when you grow up?’ Well my answer for a long time was, I wanted to be an author. And then reality hit and I realised it wasn’t about how many books I could read, it was about what type of life could I live, what type of things could I learn, what type of interesting people could I meet.

Now I’m a Journalism and International Studies student, travelling the world, asking questions and learning as much as possible. So what better than to write it all down before I forget.

From my travels I’ve realised this may not be as simple as it seems, because sometimes you just get too busy living to stop and write. But when I do write, I tend to learn so much more. This whole documenting experience concretes the memories both mentally and virtually and enhances my understanding of what I’ve seen as I try my best to memorise the moment and supplement my experience with google research. And! As cheesy as this might sound, you don’t only learn more about another place and culture, but so much about yourself. From my experience living overseas, I’ve surprisingly learnt how to be an Australian. Fortunately there’s no escaping your nationality.

So if anyone else is reading, besides my future self for the rest of my life, enjoy. Be inspired to visit some of these places, travel the world, take an adventure and maybe document it all down.