Science, Art and Good Food

Sirius is the brightest star in earth night’s sky.
Alpha centaurus is the closest star to our sun.
The sun generates energy by fusing hydrogen nuclei into helium.
There are more than 88 constellations in our night sky.
Orion’s belt …

The facts about our universe are limitless. Today we learnt a snippet of information on what’s been discovered about the universe. But first our morning starts when we wake up to the shining sun…

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The Great Ocean Road

Our 9am arrival in Victoria was direct to the thriving, bustling, huge runway of Avalon Airport in the dead centre of Melbourne CBD. Well you see, that’s what we thought a week ago when we made the booking.
*Note to self for future travels – research the airport destination a little more thoroughly.
In my defence, a Google search of Avalon airport does state it is the second busiest airport in Victoria, however, it is not the most convenient airport to land in, 50km from the city centre in the middle of the countryside. So if I was to ever travel to Melbourne again, I would fly direct to Melbourne’s main CBD airport, Tullamarine.

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