Hiking through a Diamond Plateau – Chapada Diamantina, Bahia

Bang Bang Bang. It’s 5 in the morning. Police lights are flashing and crowds of people are standing around. Our bus rolls into Lencois and I wake up from my light sleep as the bus jolts to a start. My first thoughts are, ‘Merja, what have I brought us to! Is Lencois actually a poor-ridden suburb ladened with violence and desperation?’

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Is the Sambadromo worth it?

The first time your parents take you to watch the fireworks, you’re pretty amazed. How can colourful lights explode through the night sky? The first time your parents take you to Christmas light displays, you’re enraptured. The Christmas festivity has arrived. And then when those lights can sync to music.. well that’s just next level delight.

But for the most part what do both these times have in common to your younger self?

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